Cost for Services


The Grant Proposal
We can develop a persuasive and highly competitive proposal for $3,500. The proposal will be produced both in electronic format and in hard copy. Winning proposals are often submitted to hundreds of foundations and corporate-donor programs. Rates to respond to RFAs and NOFAs likely will be higher, depending on the detail and complexity of the agency request.

Prospect Research
For $750, we will provide you with at least 25 “matching” prospects–sources that funded not-for-profits similar to yours, including city, state, and federal government agencies that have recently released RFAs and NOFAs.

Comprehensive Services
Grant writing, prospect research, responses to RFAs and NOFAs, and all other related professional services are available to organizations on a yearly fee basis.

American Express, MasterCard and Visa are accepted as payment for services

Why Payment By Credit Card Makes Sense
The response time between submission of grant proposals and securing a positive response varies from as little as several weeks to several months. Spreading payment for services to parallel this time lag is a logical and cost-effective way to leave operating and project funds in use until new funds sought are in place.

Remember, the earlier you begin to submit applications, the sooner you will see results. Don’t let application deadlines for appropriate funding sources pass you by this year.

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