Establishing Relationship with Our Writers

How to Establish a Working Relationship With Our Grant Writers

We could begin to explore fund-raising opportunities for you once we have been advised more fully of the goals and objectives that you have set for your organization.

We have successfully drafted proposals for a wide variety of nonprofit groups. We therefore know the problems of small organizations with limited funding, as well as the difficulties facing large organizations with numerous programs to support.

Moreover, I have established professional relationships with representatives of key prospects among many funding sources.

There are many foundations that would provide support for an organization such as yours.

If your organization’s fund-development resources are limited, you may wish to begin by retaining us to research, draft and edit a single grant proposal for submission to multiple foundations and corporate donors.  The proposal could be one in which you request general operating funds or special-project funds for your group.

We have conducted a preliminary search of our databases and confirmed that many prospective foundations and corporate donors offer grants that would be appropriate to fulfill your funding requirements.

Not-For-Profit Grant Writers accepts credit cards online to help nonprofit organizations pay for our fund-development services.  Some organizations find that makes it easier to get started.

By the way, now is a better time than ever before to develop strategies for increasing non-profit revenue.  Since you may wish to forward a well-crafted proposal to many prospects, you must start early to make sure to meet foundation, government and corporate-donor program submission deadlines.

Waiting to begin proposal dissemination means lost opportunities to access donors that may be a perfect match for your organizational goals.  For best results act today.

We would like to know more about the fund-raising needs of your organization.  Please advise us by e-mail of a convenient time that we may telephone you.

Basic Information Required to Complete Foundation or Corporate-Donor-Program Grant Applications

Here’s What You Need to Do:

Please provide the following information–a paragraph or so for each of the four headings.  You may write it or type it and then e-mail it, snail-mail it, or fax it to us.  Or you may mail or fax us brochures or documents that contain the information.  Or you may telephone our offices and dictate the information to us.  Or you may simply call us, and we will talk you through each point and write down the information for you.

Problem/Need–A brief statement of the problem or need your agency has recognized and is prepared to address. Why is this project necessary.

Solution–A short description of the project, including what will take place and how many people will benefit from the program, how and where it will operate, for how long, and who will staff it. Summarize the nuts and bolts of how the project will be implemented.

Funding requirements–An explanation of the amount of grant money required for the project and what your plans are for funding it in the future. Summarize financial description of how the funds will be used to implement the project with explanatory notes.

Organization and its expertise–A brief statement of the name, history, purpose and activities of your agency and its capacity to carry out this proposal.  Summarize the history and governing structure of your nonprofit organization, its primary plans and/or current activities, its audiences and its services or proposed services.

If there are further questions or comments, please do not hesitate to communicate with us.

Responses to Government-Agency Requests for Proposals (RFPs), Requests for Applications (RFAs) or Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs)

Here’s the Procedure:

We will prepare responses to city, state or federal government RFPs, RFAs or NOFAs by reviewing and downloading the forms from the respective Internet site(s) or upon receipt of a copy of the RFP/RFA/NOFA by fax or by mail from our client or the requesting agency on behalf of our client.  Each RFP or NOFA is unique.

It is useful for client organizations to provide as much written or spoken background information as possible for review by our grant writers in preparing competitive responses.

Completed RFP/RFA/NOFA forms will be converted to a format that may be sent by e-mail, by fax,  hand delivery, FedEx or U.S. mail for review and modification prior to submission to the funding agency.